Debra Allison and Family

To Czech Republic and Back Again

Bi-monthly Newsletter

Work while it is Day

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh,
when no man can work. John 9:4

Daily we hear reports of beheadings, murders and brutal acts carried out by brutal people, which threaten the very existence of freedom. The flood overtaking Europe is only the beginning. For the first time in decades, the German people are being warned to stockpile food and water. The government recommends at least a ten-day supply. The threat of serious conflict with Islamic extremists is very real.

Jesus told us it would be exactly like this in the last days. Those of us, which know the Lord and the Scriptures, are aware of the battle and its outcome. Praise the Lord! The point being, that we must labor while it is day. In that spirit we are increasing our efforts to get the gospel to the Czech people.

I have placed ads on social media with a link to our church webpage. A simple question asked in the ad. How can I have peace in my life? We have online Bible studies, as well as direct contact information on the site. In only two days, several dozen people have at least clicked to access the web page. Due to the cost, I have a low rate of spreading the ad. It is possible to increase the advertising rate. There are nearly 170,000 people in our region with smart phones on social media, which fit our contact parameters. Pray for people, hungry for a change, to follow the Holy Spirit's leading to contact us. My plan is to slightly modify the ad monthly and keep it going continuously. We will be offering free Bibles to those that come to our service.

We praise the Lord for providing an apartment in the city center. It is in a very quiet yet central location. From here, we can distribute material quickly and efficiently. Access to the various districts is very easy due to the excellent transportation system.

We praise the Lord also for the excellent reception by the people we have been called to serve. The Mazgut family is once again faithfully attending services. Their desire to raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord is a great encouragement to us. The gentleman we were renting space from on Sundays has once again offered us the opportunity to use the space. For the time being, it is the best solution, however we are looking for a place we can use during the week as well.

The Lord has already granted several opportunities to share the gospel directly. By that I mean for an extended time. Pray for Dominik. He was one of the realtors we worked with. When he found out I was a missionary, he told me he had been witnessed to by someone else and had many questions. Pray for continued interest. My friend and auto mechanic, Martin, stayed on the phone with me for several hours. He had so many questions and was open to listen to the Scriptures. He told me that he has received Christ as his Savior. Time will tell whether we see fruit of repentance or not. We love you all! Praying for souls. Jeff