Debra Allison and Family

To Czech Republic and Back Again

Bi-monthly Newsletter

Literature Distribution

Although we distribute material throughout the year, we have endeavored to increase the intensity in the spring and fall. In that light, so far this spring we have distributed a hundred Scripture portions, (all we had remaining), as well as nearly 10,000 gospel tracts. Our response rate for materials distributed is approximately one out of every 50,000-75,000 pieces we distribute. 10 years ago we would receive Bible study requests at a rate of one out of every 10,000 pieces distributed. We know that it isn't only in the Czech Republic where people are getting colder to the gospel, but it is here where we see it the most. Also in the past we were able to put tracts in many more mailboxes than we currently can. The large apartment complexes that used to have their mailboxes on the outside of the building are now moving them in behind locked doors. This is not just to avoid receiving gospel material, but also to avoid having the mailbox constantly stuffed with unwanted advertizing. This is one reason why the idea I present in the following article is so exciting. In order to be faithful witnesses unto Jesus, we must find ways to get the material in the hands of the people. Please keep praying.

New Outreach Possibilities

In the attempt to use all methods available in order to reach people with the gospel, I have been communicating with a good friend and fellow missionary in South Africa, Douglas Hammett, about a new method he has been developing and instituting. The idea is to purchase lists of mobile smart phone users, according to specific demographics. We would like to target young men, between the age of 22 and 30. The goal is to find men that might receive Christ, which we can then train to be leaders. It is also this group with which we have had the greatest success. Those men will be sent SMS messages containing a link to download a gospel course. These lists must be made up of people, which gave their consent to receive mobile advertizing in their phones. We can then follow up with those whom the Lord may call.


Just to follow-up on a few things. I was foolish enough to allow the surgeon to operate on my finger that kept locking up on me. In the United States it is called "trigger finger". I am now sitting at two months after the operation and I still cannot bend the finger normally. In fact, it is worse than before the surgery. I jokingly told Debra I was going to have it removed completely. Needless to say she was not very excited about that idea ?. I intend to return to the hospital very soon to ask the butcher/doctor, if anything can be done with it to improve the situation. Debra went this morning to her dermatologist to get more of the medication she uses on the blisters when they pop out. The doctor told her the one spot currently on her back is not one of the blisters but she thinks it is a tumor. She goes in for a biopsy in a couple of weeks. Please pray for that situation. Debra is also being tested for thyroid function this week and must go in next week for a lower GI test. In spite of all this fun, we praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy. Preparations are continuing for our return for a furlough in August. This includes also packing everything for storage. We have decided that the Lord would have us find a smaller apartment upon our return. Thank you for your prayers and support. Love in Christ. Jeff, Debra, James, and David