Debra Allison and Family

To Czech Republic and Back Again

The Allison Family:
Missionaries to the Czech Republic

It is 9:00 am in Prague, Czech Republic, a plane has just landed. Among the passengers are Jeffrey Allison and his family. The Lord has called them to minister to the Czech Republic, to share the hope of eternal salvation. A country of 80% atheist would now be their home, a place to raise their four children, Gina age 19, Donna age 15, James age 3 and David age 18 months, a place to teach and train them for the Lord's work.

The picture described above is not how Jeffrey Allison envisioned his life. He was born to James and Elaine Allison on July 21, 1961 in Princeton, New Jersey. He is one of three children, an older brother named Michael and a younger sister, Jennifer. When Jeff was 8 years old he was informed by his parents that they would be moving to Maryland. Jeffrey's father was an engineer, and he would be joining a large telecommunications firm.

Living in small town America was never easy for Jeffrey, but finding trouble was. His parents moved to a farmette in Frederick County hoping to get Jeff involved in horses. Before long Jeff had made new friends, but not necessary the right friends. Jeff found himself involved in substances that altered his mood, attitude and his health.

Jeffrey Allison applied for and was accepted at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach Florida. During his first summer home he met a young girl named Debra Baker. Jeffrey and Debra continue to communicate using the US postal service (no email back then). During Jeffrey's summer break following his second year at the university, he decided not to return. He got a job, proposed to Debra Baker and started what he thought would be his future. On July 24, 1982 Jeffrey Allison and Debra Allison were married.

On December 4, 1983 Gina Lynn makes her appearance then Donna Marie on July 23, 1987. Two was enough. Now onto that American dream of doubt, long hours and regrets. Jeffrey was making good money and had a wonderful home, good friends and enjoyable hobbies, but something was missing. Trying to replace God with worldly things was not working. One day the realization of what he was doing to his self and his family was staring him in his face. He had been confronted with his sin.

The Lord had directed each of the Allison's steps and on July 29, 2002 as that plane landed in Prague, Czech Republic, Jeffrey Allison and his family with two over flowing carts began an adventure of service to the Lord in a land so different, yet so similar. Since that date the Allison family has seen several come to know the Lord as savior, started Brno Bible Baptist Church, distributed over a million pieces of literature, taught many Bible studies, hosted several seminars, and have translated many tracts and booklets.

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