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To Czech Republic and Back Again

Allisons Letter

Dear family and friends,

     The year 2021 was a year filled with celebrations and funerals, laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, and of course, normal life. The Lord was so good to me.

     January was a very busy month for me as I prepared reports and tax documents for the church members and our staff missionaries. A short visit with James, Caity, and Emmie brought much joy and rest. The month moved into the next with a special visit from Gina, Daniel, and Lydia.  Lydia and I had a wonderful time together while her parents celebrated their anniversary. February ended as we said goodbye to a dear friend and church member, Ed Smith.  My birthday was in March, and that is always a reason to celebrate. Visits from David gave many opportunities for memories, and Daniel celebrated his birthday while in Missouri.

    After frozen pipes and below freezing temperatures, spring was a relief for weary bones. I found myself learning and facing more challenges as the year moved forward. Filed my income (haha) taxes as a single person after 37 years of marriage, voted, took the COVID vaccine, saw a chiropractor for my leg, and had a birthday celebration with my granddaughter, Lilibeth.

     July brought us plenty of green grass, and with green grass there was plenty of mowing to be done. I used this opportunity to get lots of exercise and a few extra dollars. Oh yes, I am now a full fledge tourist at Silver Dollar City (SDC) with my food tasting passport and my refillable souvenir mug. David and I had a wonderful day at the park to start off the summer break. He also took me to the Sight and Sound theater where we saw the play “Jesus”, then it was work for him as he started his internship at SDC in food service. I took a mini vacation, booked a bus from Springfield to Kansas City, Missouri where I spent 3 days with James, Caity, and Emmie in their new home, then off to Pueblo West Colorado by plane to see Gina, Daniel, and Lydia.  I was able to spend a week with them. I had a wonderful time with my granddaughter, Lydia at the Colorado Spring Zoo. We were able to feed the giraffes and an elephant. Summer school for the grandkids, birthday celebrations for Donna and Eliana, memories of my mom, death of a dear missionary friend, Bob, and the start of school led us into the autumn season.

     School started back for everyone. David started his senior year of college, only two semesters left with graduation set for May 2022.  My grandchildren faced challenges as Lydia continued home school, Lilibeth entered Middle School, Eliana got into the satellite school for 5th graders, and Elijah to 2nd grade.

     Autumn is a favorite time of the year for me. I spent time with Donna and the grandkids at the pumpkin patch which was the highlight of October. We had a great time picking just the right pumpkin.  The kids changed pumpkins several times as we headed to the booth to pay. Sometimes they found a better pumpkin, but other times they could not carry the bigger (heavy) pumpkins all the way across the patch.  In November, we had a wonderful birthday party for my granddaughter, Emmie. She turned 1 year old. The whole family was together. (Gina, Daniel, Lydia, Donna, Lilibeth, Eliana, Elijah, James, Caity, Emmie, David, Morgan, and me). Caity’s mother was also able to be with us, and Emmie’s other grandparents joined us by “facetime”. At this celebration James and Caity announced that they were expecting another baby in June of 2022. Many birthday celebrations this fall (Elijah, Lydia, Morgan, James, Gina and Caity), a wonderful family Thanksgiving at Donna’s home, the death of my dear missionary friend, Bill Lyons brings much joy and sorrow.

     Finished the year with activities that led to a wonderful Christmas celebration. Crafts, cookies, concerts, and shopping brought joy.  David turned 21 years old and started his final semester of college – where did the time go? I renewed a relationship with my friend, Allison, from Australia, and I continue the relationship with my Czech friends.

     I am sure 2022 will be a year of many exciting times and memories as I look forward to David’s graduation and wedding, another beautiful grandchild, times with my children and their families; and serving the Lord.



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