Debra Allison and Family

To Czech Republic and Back Again

Bi-monthly Newsletter

Village Outreach Continues

Since our return to the field in August, the Lord has opened new doors in our village, as well as expanded previous opportunities. Debra has been teaching English to Lenka, who is the English teacher at the local middle school. Lenka is taking university English classes in order to achieve the next level of competency. Debra has been helping her along the way. Debra takes every opportunity to witness for the Lord and to share His Word whenever possible. After our return, Lenka came to Debra once again asking for help with the new semester. She is required to read the King James Bible as part of her course. She must outline the purpose of the Bible and explain the meaning of the books she is reading. They started her in Genesis in the Old Testament and Matthew in the New Testament. You must understand that Lenka does not believe in God! So Lenka asked Debra if she might help her understand what she is reading! Praise the Lord. Opportunities like this do not come along very often. We are excited to see how the Lord will use this in her life. She has begun sitting with Debra for the Four Week Salvation Bible study as well. Pray for her to have an open heart.

On top of that, Lenka has invited Debra and the boys to speak to her middle school English class. She told Debra that they had a long list of questions about the Bible, religion, and about Baptists in particular. This is a great opportunity to break down walls of misconception and misunderstanding. At their first meeting the children were somewhat reluctant to speak. They are afraid to attempt to use their English language skills. Several questions were asked, including one student that wanted to know the difference between Baptists and Catholics. Pray for greater opportunities at future meetings.

We have invited several people from the village to our house for Thanksgiving. We have witnessed to them in the past and are planning to use this celebration in order to further share the gospel. Pray for Peter and Jarka. They have not said whether or not they can come. Pray also for Jarek. He is the husband of Alena, who regularly comes to our church services. Jarek grew up in a Catholic home and is very bitter against God. Lately, he has been more open to us personally. We are praying he will come to the Thanksgiving dinner with his wife, Alena.

Financial Freedom Seminar

Three weeks ago we began translating and teaching a series on financial freedom for Christians. It is a lot of work to translate this quantity of material. After teaching it once I plan to have a professional read through it and correct my Czech. All of our people have been attending as well as Jarek, whom I previously mentioned. It has been a great blessing to see him at these meetings. We are praying the Lord will open his heart to the truth and that he will be saved. These are all new concepts for the Czechs. Pray for application as well as understanding. The series will run through the end of the year. We are meeting once a week for about one and a half hours. I am able to share many stories and experiences from my own life in order to help the people see the blessings of being debt free and out of financial bondage. Please continue to pray, we do not take it for granted. Yours in Christ, Jeff