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To Czech Republic and Back Again

Allisons Letter

Dear friends, supporters, and prayer partners,


We have been back in the United States for three months now. We are striving to serve the Lord in our home church in Springfield, Missouri. I am writing especially to thank all of you for your faithful prayers and support through the 16 years we ministered in the Czech Republic. We believe the Lord did use, and will continue to use the Words of the Lord we planted in their hearts of the Czech people. Several people have contacted us to declare how much our time in Czech meant to them personally. We know some were truly saved, others may still be on the way to repentance, but God will receive glory and praise through it all. The Word of God was faithfully preached and we have His promise that it will not return void.

After a great deal of time in prayer and meditation, we are convinced that the Lord would have us establish a base in Springfield as “Home Missionaries”. We will work alongside Pastor Norwood, to build the work here. The church has an aging congregation that gives sacrificially to support the numerous ministries sponsored by Grace Bible Baptist Church. In order for this to continue into the future, there is a need to evangelize, witness, and otherwise labor here. At the same time, I plan, Lord willing, to be available to fill-in for foreign missionaries needing to take a short term furlough. There is an opportunity to return to Czech for the summer months to labor in place of another man who needs to travel home. This will only be possible if we are able to maintain sufficient support. Even though I will be on staff here at Grace, there are not funds available to even assist with our needs. Therefore, we are asking you, those which know us well and have supported us for many years, to continue to do so, should the Lord allow.

If our supporting churches determine that this is not something they can support, I will need to find a secular job. Doing so will seriously limit my ability to minister as the Lord would have me to serve. It is still our greatest desire to see souls saved and to labor for the Lord. We love and appreciate all of you, regardless of how the Lord leads you in this matter.


For souls,

Jeffrey and Debra Allison

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