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Allisons Letter

Dear Ladies,

      Gaining Through Losing.  This is the title of a book I am reading. I think we can all agree, this past year we (or someone we know) have lost someone we love, something that was important to us, our joy and peace, our employment or even our time. But what did we gain? As I review 2020, I will be listing all the “gains” in my life. My goal for 2021 is to continue focusing on the “gains” in my life and not the losses. The Lord gives me the assurance that he is with me. I am not to fear or be afraid the them (the losses that come into my life).

Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God,

he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed. Deuteronomy 31:6 and 8.  

     In January, I did not catch the flu from David (he was so sick), grow closer to the Lord then at any other time of my life, read another new book, did jigsaw puzzles (by Thomas Kinkade), enjoyed my warm home, served the Lord, my family, and friends. With February being the month of love, I experienced the love of God in so many ways, bought girl scout cookies (my favorite – mint), got in contact with a friend from the past (what a blessing she is to me), and enjoyed smoothies (strawberries and mango).  March brought more change. My 57th birthday was on the 15th, I learned that my 5th grandchild was due in October, and I put my wedding rings on the altar; asked the Lord to remove my hurt and pain.


     As the year moved forward, David stayed with me and studied online, we had a great Easter dinner by chef David, I gave sewing lessons to David (never thought it would be masks), the spring flowers and sunshine were all a part of April.  May brings a celebration of mothers, a visit from James and Caity, more flowers, long walks with by best friend (we call them walkie/talkies), and I became an amateur auto mechanic.   June continues with the grandchildren’s summer school lessons, Donna returned to work after serval weeks off, I had cupcakes with Lilibeth (she’s 10 now), bought a wedding gift for friends, checked on a friend’s vegetable garden while she was out of town (yummy squash), and I enjoyed the sunshine.


     July started the half way point of this crazy year.  God abundantly provides for me, I had more days to serve the Lord, family, friends; many memories to think on, enjoyed the surprises for Donna’s birthday, enjoyed outside activities with the grandchildren (keeps you young), was able to have David stay with me until fall semester started, had a week-long sleepover with the grandchildren (they love when their uncles can be in Springfield), a visit to the KC zoo (with James and Caity), ate pizza (always good), received a new electric mover as a gift, and had plenty of summer time fun. August was a hot month. Let’s leave it at that.


     September and October were celebration months. David returned to school, I celebrated Eliana’s 9th birthday and Elijah’s 7th birthday with them, had fond memories of mother on her birthday of her life and her home now in heaven, helped my daughter teach the children 4 days a week (1st, 4th and 5th grades), got my security clearance to volunteer at the schools in Greene county, had a good appointment with the eye doctor (no change), and praise the Lord that David did not have COVID-19 when he was ill.


     November was a month of ups and down, changes and challenges. I voted, took part in Gina’s launch of her new book “Forgiven Again”, went Christmas shopping with my best friend, had a good dental appointment, the weather allowed for more walks, my 4th granddaughter, Emelia was born on the 2nd, my granddaughter, Eliana got COVID-19 (mild symptoms, quick recovery), she was in isolation and the family was in quarantine, David came home for Thanksgiving, then David and I had to go into quarantine during his time here, roasted a chicken for Thanksgiving dinner (long story), and held my newest granddaughter for the first time – what a cutie.


     December is one of my favorite months. There is so much joy, gladness and yes, color during this month. I celebrated James’ (he turned 22 in November), Caity’s, and Gina’s birthdays (some near, some far), made cookies and crafts with my Missouri grandchildren, bought a snowman head tree topper, got creative with my Christmas tree, watched Eliana play a baby mouse in the Nutcracker, went Christmas shopping with friends, got the flu shot (first time, no reaction),cooked and laughed with David (during Christmas break), shipped gifts, had a good health check-up, had a wonderful Christmas dinner with my family, embraced all the love, hugs and the smiles from my grandchildren, and most of all I celebrated the birth of my Lord and Savior.


     In each of these times, activities, and treasures that I have mentioned – joy was present.  I consider them “gains” in my life. I am grateful for opportunities to make memories and to share the love of Christ with my family and friends. Most of you know, I faced a great loss in my life this year – I lost my best (earthly) friend, not to death but to divorce.


     Disappointment and pain will always be with us on this earth but what we do with it will make all the difference.  I will be looking for those opportunities, whether great or small, to celebrate the “gains” in my life during 2021.  Fear not!


Love and Prayers,


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