Debra Allison and Family

To Czech Republic and Back Again

Bi-monthly Newsletter

Potential key man

Through a series of events that only God is capable of putting together, including a missionary in Bulgaria, a second missionary in Slovakia, and a Bulgarian man living in Slovakia and working in Brno, I met Zlatko. Zlatko was born in Bulgaria, raised in a Baptist church, and is now working in Brno. He currently lives across the border in Slovakia and travels home on the weekends. He contacted me by phone, after receiving my number from the missionary in Bulgaria, whom I have never met. He attends a work in Slovakia pastored by a Slovakian man sent out of a Baptist church in America. He wanted to discuss the issues he saw in the work there. He listened intently as I explained the reasons for the issues he described, all of which stem from a wrong understanding of the church and the ordinances. He understands the differences and even discussed perhaps moving to Brno. I'm not a sheep thief and encouraged him to do his best to work through these things with his pastor. We are praying for Zlatko to make the right decisions concerning his future and get in a place where he can be effective in serving the Lord.


The picture on the right is of Denisa. She is a young Czech lady with an interesting yet difficult past. She went to America just over a year ago, in order to complete her high school education. She came to visit us in Brno during a recent trip here in order to extend her visa. It appears that the Lord has been guiding her steps all of the way. She is attending one of our supporting churches in Colorado and has now received permission to stay and attend college. Pray for her. She needs the Lord to supply the finances in order to stay. Her perfect Czech and very well spoken English places her in a very good place to be used of the Lord in the future to reach her own people with the gospel.

Church camp

We'll be heading to the mountains of Slovakia for the weekend of September 24th-28th. Pray for decisions to be made concerning sanctification and service. I intend to teach on the foundational areas including honesty in the workplace and the home. Serving "as to the Lord" not with eye service. Dealing with temptation. Not justifying compromise. Please pray for the people over these four days. That the Lord will use the time spent away from everyday problems and temptations in order to have His will in their lives. There are specific situations we know need to be dealt with in people's lives. Pray for me to allow the Spirit to do His work and not to get in the flesh. Every Pastor knows how difficult it is to want something for somebody, more than they want it for themselves. We appreciate your prayers and support more than you know. Only eternity will reveal the results. May the Lord receive honor and glory and praise in His churches, time without end. JA