Debra Allison and Family

To Czech Republic and Back Again

Bi-monthly Newsletter

Death Cometh upon all Men

Last fall we were introduced to a family in South Moravia by a regular attendee of our work in Brno. They were a lovely family with twin daughters. Unfortunately, the father, David, had cancer. It had been in remission for several years yet had returned last year to once again begin destroying his body. Because of his inability to work, our church put a package together in December to try and help them through the holidays. We delivered the gifts for the children along with food, household needs, along with tracts and Bibles. During our visit in late December, 2013, I had the opportunity to share the soul saving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with David and his family. They were kind and seemed to be receptive to the message. He did not get saved at that time. I attempted to follow up in the proceeding months, but my gestures were rejected. The family was traditionally Catholic although they did not attend church. Milada, the lady which attends in Brno called last week on Sunday to tell me that David had died. She asked me if I thought he was in Heaven. I replied that if he had trusted Christ as his Lord and Savior he certainly was. However, if he had continued to cling to tradition he was not. Milada did not come to church that day and we have not seen her since. Pray also for her conversion to Christ. I asked to be informed about the funeral arrangements as I hoped to try and comfort the family and share the gospel once again with his wife, but was never contacted with that information. Pray that the Lord may use this to grant us access to share the life changing gospel in the regions beyond.

Health Issue

Please pray for Debra. Last year when we returned to America for our short furlough, Debra began to break out with skin sores. They are small painful blisters that break open and then very slowly heal. We suspected an allergic reaction to some change in shampoo, soap, or perfume. After our return to Brno I took Debra to see her doctor. She was recommended to see a specialist for which we waited three months. That doctor prescribed various creams and some allergy pills. Things seemed to improve until a further breakout. She is now waiting to see another specialist in August. This is a great discouragement and emotional struggle for Debra. These sores are painful and seem to pop up here and there without rhyme or reason. To date the doctors have not been able to narrow down the cause. The dermatologist thinks it is simply a kind of eczema, although she cannot narrow it down and does not know how to eliminate it. We covet your prayers for Debra in this area at this time.


In my last letter I wrote about beginning to hold an English service in Brno for expats and other English speaking foreigners. We received two boxes of hymnals from Russ Hanson. He also shipped a box of English Bibles for us to hand out. However, the Bibles were refused by the customs officers due to a claimed improper registration of our religious organization. The devil does not want the Word of God distributed, not in the United States, nor in the Czech Republic. Please keep praying, God hears them all.