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To Czech Republic and Back Again

Allisons Letter

Dear ladies,

It has been a while since I have written. God tells us to leave behind landmarks, memorials, and writings that will encourage, teach, and direct our children and future generations. So, I will do my best to summarizes the events of 2018.

This shall be written for the generation to come: and the people which shall be created shall praise the LORD. Psalm 102:18

January, February, and March were very cold months for us, but the weather was not the only cold thing, also the hearts of the Czech people. It seemed that the more we taught on the Christian life, the more those attending services seemed to distant themselves from us.  Their excuses for not being in church became easier and easier.  The more we tried to share the gospel, the more people did not want to hear it or take a tract. On a more praise worthy note, David focused on his last semester of high school, Bibles were distributed in the parks, Helping Hands tracts with gloves were ready, and then distributed, and I had a great birthday.

April, May, and June were very busy months. We finished homeschooling, scheduled David’s graduation, and began packing David’s things for his move to the United States to start college and the work program during the summer. We took David to school in May, after spending a week with James here in Springfield, then Jeff and I returned to the Czech to pack our personal belongings, sell and give away the balance of our furnishings, kitchen items, appliances, and miscellaneous items.   James asked Caitlyn to marry him. With a YES answer the wedding was scheduled for May 2019.

July, August, and September were months of “Good Byes”” and “Hellos’’. Our apartment lease was finished at the end of July, so we spent more time sorting items and packing boxes for the shipment which arrived here in August with just a few broken items. We finished tract distributions, leaving the balance to a fellow missionary, and our Czech teaching material and books went to a Czech pastor and good friend of ours. We were able to get all the Bibles distributed before our time of service in the Czech Republic ended. With many many tears, we said our good byes to those that were still attending services and to our friends. We arrived in Springfield on July 21. We celebrated Jeff’s birthday in the USA, that is, once we realized where we were. We were able to spend time with our grandchildren, Lilibeth, Eliana, and Elijah before school started and get reacquainted with the church members that have been holding the rope for us for many years.  Jeff started teaching Sunday school and preaching at the given opportunity.

October, November, and December were still months of adjustment, seeking the Lord for direction and guidance. We have been serving the Lord, our Pastor and the members of Grace Bible Baptist Church since our arrival – cannot think of anything else more rewarding. Also, the Lord has given us so many opportunities to witness for Him and also the joy of seeing our parents and spending time with Lydia, our oldest granddaughter. It has been two years since Jeff’s brother’s death, but we still take the opportunity to remember his life and the time he visited us in the Czech Republic. Heft us with many funny stories. We spent Christmas with our four children and our four grandchildren.  It has been a long time since we have all been together.  It was truly a blessing, a time of great joy. David did great in his first semester at college, made it on the dean’s list. James finished his second to last semester very strong with an ongoing 4.0 GPA, graduation scheduled for May, then he will move to Kansas City, Missouri with his bride, Caitlyn.  He was offered/took a job with the company he did his internship with this summer. James turned 20 years old in November and David turned 18 years old in December – where does the time go? Gina and family continue to serve the Lord in Kentucky; but moving soon, and Donna and the children are doing great; school and work keeps them very busy. Our grandchildren are great! Lydia is 11, Lilibeth is 8, Eliana is 7, and Elijah is 5 years old.

As for me, I am adjusting to a different way of life. Some days I cry and some days I laugh, but every day I walk with the Lord with the faith that he gives me to serve Him, my husband, the saints, and those in my path.

Love and Prayers,


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