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Allisons Letter

Dear ladies,

What is normal? --A setting on the dryer and a small town in central Illinois. I have not been able to write because things around here have not been “normal”. Then I remembered what the Lord said; He did not save me to be normal according the world’s standards, but he saved me to be a servant of His, a peculiar person.

Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto      himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. Titus 2:14

Being a peculiar person zealous of good works can be difficult at times, the flesh is weak, but the spirit is strong. Please continue to pray for those that had been attending our services. The common, easy ways of man have become a priority in their lives. This leaves Jeff and me, on most Sundays, holding services with just the two of us. Please pray for Jeff as he seeks wisdom and direction from the Lord.

Upon taking David the college, we were able to spend a few days with each of our daughters and our grandchildren. Gina, Daniel, and Lydia have made Kentucky their home. Lydia looks very natural in the blue (very green) grass of Kentucky. As for Donna, she has a working routine for Lilibeth, Eliana, and Elijah that seems to be benefitting all of them. While with the grandchildren we tried to make the time with each of them special not just an ordinary visit but a time of making memories.

David received the summer semester (two 6 week sessions) of the work program at College of the Ozarks. He moved into the dorms on May 28th and started work the very next day. David is working as a steward in the kitchen of the college’s restaurant in the Keeter Center. He spends many hours washing dishes and pots and pans. He has also been able to do some food preparations and help with the Sunday brunch, as David puts it, some days he is able to take off the rubber gloves and plastic apron and put on a small chief’s hat and a linen apron. David is getting accustomed to his new living quarters, roommate, job, and summer classes. Please keep him in your prayers.

James started his summer internship at the end of May. He lives with other young men, some from College of the Ozarks and some from other colleges, who are also completing their internships. James said that he is learning so many things about the everyday workings of a large corporation and feels very much a part of the team.  He seems to be meeting the standards set by his boss and mentor. He hopes they will offer him a job when he finishes school next spring.

I wanted to introduce someone to you that will be joining our family, possibly next spring. Her name is Caitlyn. She is a student at the College of the Ozarks, majoring in English. Some of you may have seen her on facebook or on our web page. On June 30th James asked Caitlyn to marry him, and she said YES.  Caitlyn is not an average person; she is a beautiful young lady inside and out – a wonderful match for James. We are so excited to know that she will be joining our family. Please keep James and Caitlyn in your prayers.

As for me, my days are far from ordinary or mundane. As I said above, I have been so busy that I have not been able to write. Our apartment lease is finished at the end of July, so I have been spending time sorting items and packing boxes.  It will be different for me this fall now that all the children are finished school, but as always I will be about doing good to those around me – a peculiar person, zealous of good works.

Love and prayers,


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