Debra Allison and Family

To Czech Republic and Back Again

Family letter by Debra

September 18, 2013

Dear ladies,

Oh, how I love open doors (and windows as well). I am not prejudice, spring or autumn is just fine. With the back door open, I am enjoying the autumn breeze coming into my kitchen, but soon I will no longer be able to enjoy it as the colder air is quickly coming upon our nights as while as our days. The Czechs take the opportunity to use an open window to lay their pillows and duvets into the sunshine and refreshing air.

Paul told us to pray for open doors, not open doors for a refreshing breeze, but for the opportunities to share the gospel. Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am also in bonds: Colossians 4:3 Even though I thoroughly enjoy my open kitchen door and the inviting breeze, I desire the open door of opportunity to share the gospel so much more.

For some time now, we have been praying for an open door into the university, but have not been successful. As we continued to pray, we received a call from a missionary to El Salvador and his Pastor in the U.S. about a young man in the mission work in El Salvador that will be attending the English program this semester at the University in Brno. We were overjoyed to receive the information that he would like to attend both our Czech services and our English service. Julio arrived the second Sunday of this month from El Salvador and he has already been a blessing to our family. Julio has made a profession of faith and feels a calling into the ministry; in which he is preparing himself for the work the Lord would have for him to do. Amen and Amen!

Our return from furlough always brings open doors. Our Czech neighbours and friends always want to see our photos of America and of our granddaughters. . They are so happy that we have returned to their country once again. We have used this return and others from the past to invite many of them to our home for cook-outs and dessert. This gives us an open door of opportunity to share the gospel with them again and to give testimony of the Lord?s goodness and strength.

Starting day of school has come and gone. We are finishing week three. Using our home schooling and the ability to teach English, we are looking for another open door into the Middle school in Modrice, the village where we live. Last year, we had the opportunity to speak to the class of ninth graders; we are asking the Lord to open that door again.

News from afar was not so far away for us this summer. We had a wonderful opportunity to be with Gina, Daniel, and Lydia. They have been praying about open doors into the hearts of the young people among their church and in their neighbour. While visiting, James and David were able to take part in a day outing at the paint ball field. James and David?s desire was to be an example to the young men and to take the opportunity to encourage them and of course, to have some good old fashion fun.

We also spend eight great days with Donna, Olin, Lilibeth, and Eliana; but they are not praying for an open door, but for an open womb. Donna is 38 weeks along in the pregnancy and is ready to have this baby boy?our first grandson. Both the girls, Lilibeth and Eliana, were born at 38 weeks so things look promising. Please keep her in your prayers.

Home at last ? when the door of the plane opened we knew we were home. The boys enjoyed the English in America, but their home is here in the Czech Republic. This is where they feel the most comfortable. When we came to the field 11 years ago, James was only three years old and David was 18 months old. They have grown-up eating this food, learning this culture, and living in this environment. There were times in America when the boys were puzzled about the American foods, situations, and phrases that the other young people were saying. Now that James is in the Eleventh grade, we are preparing him for life back in the states. Together with him, we are looking into colleges for his continued education.

As for me, I have followed the Czech's example and started placing the bed linens outside, finding it quite refreshing. I have canned pickles, apple pie jam, and raspberry-plum jam so far this autumn. The plums and the apples were given to us and the cucumbers were a great price at the store. For those of you that have asked about our garden, it was all alive, but extremely overgrown. It took the whole day on Saturday to clean, trim, and prepare it for the winter months. While working on the garden, I left my kitchen door open in hopes of another autumn breeze.

Love and prayers,