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Allisons Letter

Dear ladies,

Earlier this week Jeff and I were travelling across the city on a šalina (tram) named General Emil Boček. Every šalina in Brno has a name, we do not refer to them by their names, but by their numbers; however, they still have a name that is important to someone.. As we continued to our destination Jeff and I began discussing the names of other šalinas we have taken in the city, but like many of the other travellers, we could not remember most of the names. Each time we use the šalina, I take just a brief glance to read the name plate; however, it does not instill in my mind or heart any importance in remembering the name. As I thought about it, I realized that there is another name that this city does not consider to be important - the name of Jesus.

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; Philippians 2:10

So to get the city of Brno to take notice and consider eternal matters, we are running several advertisements and distributions to get the name of the church, Biblické Baptistické Shromáždění Brno, out among the people. Among these advertisements are Facebook, our web address, QR code, flyers and other printed materials, personal invitations, and currently we are working on a new flyer to be posted in the šalina that runs near our building. We continue to encourage our members to personally invite their family, friends, and neighbors. Mine and Jeff's names and faces are everywhere, but it seems to be more difficult for the Czechs - they fear rejection.

Gina, Daniel, and Lydia moved recently from Colorado to Kentucky. They have many names to learn as they become part of a new church family. Donna is working a part time job at a local business near her home. She is trying to remember the names of new co-workers. Lilibeth, Elaina, and Elijah are all in school meeting new friends, learning their names and sharing the details with their mother. Lilibeth loves to talk so I am sure that her list of names is quite long. James was on the "Dean's list" last semester so we are praying that his name will be added again this semester.

There is one more name for me to mention - David. I have saved him for last because he has had quite an adventure this week. On Monday morning David woke-up not able to urinate; however, his bladder was very full. We took him to the Children's Hospital where they cared for him right away, inserting a catheter (with much difficulty trying several tubes). Once the bladder was relieved, they admitted him into the hospital, and scheduled his surgery for Tuesday. David's surgery went well. They cleared a small blockage at the base of the bladder and enlarged the urethra. He was able to come home today (Wednesday) but not without his catheter. Next week, he is scheduled to return to the hospital, have the catheter removed, and a follow-up on the procedure. The funny thing was that we never did get the name of the doctor that saw him initially, but he was always seen wearing a t-shirt with Oscar the Grouch in the front, so we gave him the name Doctor Grouch (he was not a grouch, but very pleasant).

It looks much like spring in Brno with all the leaves on the trees, flowering trees and bushes in full bloom, flowers of bright reds and yellows in the beds, clean streets and parks, but warm looks very different than this. The temperatures are much like early winter, not spring. Maybe we should give this spring a new name and ask it to leave and not to turn.

Like me, I am sure that each of you has names that are important to you. Over and above all, let us keep the most important name of our Lord and Savior near our hearts, daily.

Love and prayers,


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