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To Czech Republic and Back Again

Allisons Letter

Dear ladies,

     This summer, the hottest recorded, has not only stressed the power grid and hospitals, but the continuous high temperature caused the šalina track at the Osová stop to bend. These iron tracks were easily bent by the pressure and heat from the sun causing great danger to the šalina and its passengers. Stopping the šalina was the only choice, so why do we so often think we have choices when our way gets bent by the pressures of this world – derailing is not a choice – only the Lord. 

       Lead me, O LORD, in thy righteousness because of mine enemies; make thy way straight before my face. Psalms 5:8

     Biblické Baptistické Shromáždění Brno continues to move forward in scripture memory.  We completed the Roman Road and started John. All these scriptures are part of our evangelism training.  Jeff has his work cut out with this bunch, but he continues to rely on the Lord for strength and direction. Bibles are still free in the park, we continue to locate high traffic paths to set-up our display and sometimes we place the Bibles on benches for resting travelers to take. New tracts for the winter season are on track for printing.

     Our grandchildren are back to school. They each have a method for getting there, by car, by bus and by foot, but they all get to their destination each day. They have shared with us their supplies lists, books, photos, and “back to school” signs; also they have told us about shopping trips, new class rooms and most importantly, their excitement for their next adventure.  

     David is also back to school - this is his senior year. Two weeks into the semester and 30 quizzes and 6 tests later, David faces this perplexing trigonometry question, “A bug on the side of a bicycle tire experiences 455 revolutions. The bicycle tire is 18.0 inches high. (a) How many miles did the bicycle travel? (b) How many miles did the bug rotate around the tire?” After solving the problem, David’s only words were “Sure glad I know that!”  

     James is learning to drive.  He has his learner’s permit. During a conversation with James, a few weeks ago, he said “Did you know that staying in between those two lines is harder than it looks.” After his dad and I stopped laughing, we encouraged him to keep practicing and to stay safe.  If you want to hear more of James’s driving stories or just want to send him an encouraging note, he can be found at 

     Straight is not always the best.  On Monday, I had to visit the orthopedist for the pain in my left foot.  The arch in my foot is straightening putting downward pressure causing inflammation of the foot bones.  After a quick visit with the doctor and inserts for my shoes, the pain is slowly residing. 

    As for the šalina, its tracks were repaired quickly and the authorities account the problem to the age of the above ground tracks and their constant exposure to the elements.  Derailing is not a choice – keep your eyes on the Lord. 

Love and prayers,


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