Debra Allison and Family

To Czech Republic and Back Again

Lilibeth, Eliana and Elijah

Hello from Donna, Lilibeth, Eliana, and Elijah. It has been a joy to know the house is ours. After purchasing it this fall, I continued to do some remodeling with only a few small projects left to complete on the inside, next the outside. I would like to replace the old fence and repair some flower beds. Lilibeth is growing into a beautiful young lady at age 12. Lilibeth joined the archery club again this year and has also become part of the cheer squad for football and basketball. Eliana is 11 years and is also growing into a lovely young lady. She started in Middle School this year and has adjusted well. She also joined the archery club. At 9 years old, Elijah is all boy and growing too fast. He started the 3nd grade this fall. He loves super heroes and all moving vehicles. He loves to read, and is great at math; also enjoys “Minecraft” and building with Legos. I stay very busy with a full-time job, as well as taking care of the kids. I have been promoted to manager. I have faced many new challenges but continue to enjoy by job.



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Emelia and Aubriella

David and Morgan

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Lilibeth, Eliana and Elijah