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To Czech Republic and Back Again

Daniel and Gina

It's been two years since my last update, and I have much to catch up on. The Holders have spent the last couple of years in Kentucky, until last summer, when they began to pray about returning to Colorado, which never quite left their hearts. While they enjoyed their time in The Bluegrass State, they decided the South and country life was not for them, and they moved back to sunny, dry Colorado as of May 17, 2019, with a short stop in Saint Louis, MO for Gina's brother's wedding. Like many of their trips, this one was not without adventure as they hit a snowstorm just inside the Colorado border and ended up staying the night in a Walmart. They have rejoined Penrose Baptist Church and have gotten involved in the ministries of the church.

Lydia is nearly twelve and is now in 5th grade. She loves to read books and write her own stories. She spends a lot less time with toys, but still enjoys playing with her dolls and dress-up. She is a huge help around the house, emptying the dishwasher and doing the laundry all on her own. She is still being homeschooled, and this year we switched to a new curriculum and she is enjoying school much more. She still loves art best of all, but science is a definite second. She has recently discovered a love for thrill rides and has yet to find one too scary for her.

Gina has gone from an author want-to-be to an indie-published author with two books on the market. Whither Shall I Go is a historical romance, and No Greater Love is a romantic suspense, both books are in the Inspirational genre. In August, she signed a contract with a small independent publishing company. The first book is expected to release in the summer of 2022. She enjoys her blog, Stories By Gina, and is reading and reviewing several books a month. She loves playing the piano and organ for church services and choir.

Daniel's job situation has taken a wild ride over the last two years, with him getting laid off, then hired by a contractor and contracted back to the company he had been working for, then getting rehired by the company as an employee once again. He still spends his days as a Computer Developer and has recently completed a large project for the company. He's again running the sound system at the church and singing in the choir.



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Daniel and Gina

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