Jeff and Debra Allison

To Czech Republic and Back Again

Daniel and Gina

On January 23, 2017, the Holders left their home of 7 years in Colorado and have begun a new adventure in Kentucky, moving near Daniel's parents and older brother and family. They chose to rent a newly built house, instead of buy, and have recently joined a new church, Temple Baptist Church, Glasgow, KY.

Lydia is almost finished with the second grade and will be starting third grade in the fall. Gina is still homeschooling and strives to make the biggest impact she can in Lydia's education. Lydia loves reading, drawing, making crafts, playing with Legos and dolls, and learning to help around the house. At nine years old, she is fascinated by the world around her and loves asking questions to help her better understand. Lydia loves the Lord and was saved and baptized just before Thanksgiving in 2014.

Gina spends her days homeschooling and keeping up with the daily household chores. She loves singing and serving in the church and is looking forward to ministering in their new fellowship. Gina loves to cook and prepare healthy meals for her family. A few years back, Gina began writing again and is currently working on a novel project with plans to self-publish online at its completion.

Daniel has worked at the same job for the last 6 years and has survived two acquisitions. He enjoys his job as Software Developer and getting the opportunity to work from home. Daniel stays very busy with various projects, but loves spending time with his family, playing with Lydia and talking with Gina. Daniel has felt at peace that the Lord was leading their family on this new journey and despite missing those left behind, the Holders look forward to the plan God has for their lives.


Jeff and Debra



Daniel and Gina

Lilibeth, Eliana and Elijah