Jeff and Debra Allison

To Czech Republic and Back Again

Jeff and Debra

In July we will celebrate 35 years of marriage. David is still with us, but soon we will be experiencing the "empty nest" time of our life. James has been in the USA for over a year now and we sure do miss him here. This August, we will have been living and serving for 15 years in the Czech Republic. Each day we still learn something new about the people we came to serve. As the European Union applies their pressure, the Czech Republic is forced to slowly make changes, but not all for the better. Overall- the years have gone by very quickly bringing to us many memories and good times. We enjoy our four grandchildren Lydia, Lilibeth, Eliana, and Elijah very much and miss them. The Lord has truly blessed us with many physical and spiritual blessings. It is an honor to serve Him on the foreign field, a place we call "home".


Jeff and Debra



Daniel and Gina

Lilibeth, Eliana and Elijah